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Hair Loss Solutions Australia Hair Loss Solutions Australia

Start regrowing the hair you once had.

No Hair Pieces. No Transplants

We are personal trainers for your hair and scalp. We take pride and are so confident you will get an amazing result, we will hold your hand through the process and help you maintain your thicker longer stronger hair. We won’t just sell you a handful of products and say see you later, our programs guide you every step of the way and we work alongside you during your hair growth transformation.

Hair loss Solutions Australia


  • Watch Sean's Success Story
    Watch Sean's Success Story
    Watch Sean's Success Story

    Hi, my name is Sean Cornelius and I’m 40 years old. I started sort of noticing my hair starting to thin… kind of early thirties? So the last, eight years or so. You notice but you don’t pay a lot of attention to it. Then when other people start noticing that your hair is thinning as well, that’s when I thought it’s time to do something about it.

    I found Innovative Hair Loss Solutions Australia through a friend of a friend, and I gave them a call and since then, it’s been amazing. I’ve been doing this for 6 months now. The program they put me on, basically I take pills every day, use some shampoo and come in once a week for a laser. After the first four months I really started to notice huge changes through the top and at the front, and you can tell it really made a big difference.

    The feeling’s amazing, and to know it yourself is one thing, but to have a lot of other people comment on your hair, it really makes it all worthwhile. To anyone that’s experiencing hair loss: I would definitely go in and give it a shot. I can’t believe how well it’s worked for me, there’s nothing to be nervous about, it’s so easy to do and it really, really works!

  • Watch Kian's Success Story
    Watch Kian's Success Story
    Watch Kian's Success Story

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  • Watch Aiden's Success Story
    Watch Aiden's Success Story
    Watch Aiden's Success Story

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  • Consultation

    Being in Australia for more than 20 Years, the professional team at IHLS au conduct a comprehensive and informative hair and scalp analysis. This will enable us to know exactly what course of hair reg rowth treatment you will require. If you have been experiencing hair loss for under 10 years, get excited about the transformation about to take place.

  • Treatment

    We are personal trainers for your hair and scalp and have changed the lives of thousands of hair loss clients. We cater for any circumstance both in studio or Nationally. Our exclusive, unique hair re growth programs are designed to give you the maximum result in the shortest amount of time, each hair loss program will be tailored to your individual needs. This will include a combination of exclusive products, amazing services and unique treatments

  • Review

    We don’t just sell you a handful of products and never see you again. We hold your hand through the whole process and review your progress every 6 to 8 weeks. This is a partnership to ensure you get a visual result and huge smile.

  • Maintenance

    Our maintenance programs are unique to IHLS au and compare to nothing else on the market. You will have access to the latest technology available. We take all the thinking out of it for you to ensure there is no more stress when it comes to hair loss.


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