Hair Regrowth vs Transplant Hair Regrowth

Hair Regrowth vs Transplant

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Regrow vs Transplants.

Whilst both have their good points there are many factors that should be considered before taking the next step..
Which the following will explain?


Transplant can look great but can be costly. Whilst one would think that after the initial out lay that one would not have to spend another cent. But this is not the truth, transplanted hair does need some care taken to avoid die back,(this may not be explained at consultation) the existing hair around the transplants needs to be cared for with DHT blockers and follicle stimulants. If not properly maintained all you will be left with after 5-10 years is only the transplanted hair with all other hair surrounding, gone.

transplant Hair Regrowth

Hair fall after surgery could look like


Regrowing hair at the beginning can be a little time consuming but easy as you get yourself into a routine and the gains fast out way the inconvenience. With medical compounded products and laser therapy you can regain hair lost over a 7-10 year period. This is your own hair grown back, no surgery and totally painless.


This is the perfect combo for hair loss over 10 years. Transplants go up in cost as the more hair transplanted the more the price goes up, also depending on how much donor hair each client provides will also determine the end result of transplants.

How to combat this problem is to regrow as much hair in the first 4-6 month period making the hair stronger, healthier and blocking the DHT so that when it comes to transplanting the hair to the areas where you are still thin will cut down on the amount of hair that is transplanted. Laser usage ongoing is fantastic at keeping the transplanted hair and existing hair strong with optimal blood flow.

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