Laser Helmet

The future of hair growth technology is here

Grow & maintain with your own laser helmet

When we began work on our Helmet, we considered every element that defines the 3rd generation of laser hair growth device – the latest therapy, individual differences, ambient
temperature, intimate services. This Helmet is more than just a Helmet, It is the future of hair growth devices.

Customer satisfaction

Our laser helmet features cutting edge technology with an App base user control system, compatible with any smart phone or tablet device. Putting your personal hair loss consultant in the palm of your hand.

This is just the beginning! Take a deeper look at our Helmet and you’ll find Innovation on every level.

  • Scalp areas
  • Energy Adaption
  • APP
  • FDA Approved


7 Scalp Treatment Areas

Our Helmet is capable of being programed to target up to 7 different scalp areas, each treatment is customised on extent and scalp area of hair loss.

Able to emit stronger lasers to the areas most effected, also comes equipped with a laser safety feature switching the unit off when it loses contact with the scalp

Customised Temperature and Treatment Length

This device is groundbreaking with its capability to adjust the time of every treatment automatically. It does this by sensing the ambient temperature ensuring the appropriate amount of energy for each treatment.

  • Temperature detection
  • Therapy auto-adjusted
  • 25 to 35 minutes
  • Scalp partition
  • Customized therapy
hair loss clinic Perth, Hair Loss Perth, Ihlsau
hair loss clinic Perth, Hair Loss Perth, Ihlsau

Infinite ways we care about you

The Helmet App is a milestone of hair loss technology. The App has been tailored to offer the user an intimate service. All our efforts are dedicated to the best effect of hair regrowth.

  • Reminder of treatment
  • Records of treatment
  • Evaluation of progress
  • Customized laser modes

650nm/5mw low level lasers penetrates the scalp at 3-5 mm, supplying cell energy and nutrition for hair follicles.

  • Before treatment

    Hair follicles shrink.

  • During treatment

    Hair follicles gain energy.

  • After treatment

    Hair follicles rejuvenated.

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