Paola (Paula) D’ Adamo

Paola (Paula) D’ Adamo
Paola (Paula) D’ Adamo

“Non-Surgical” Hair loss Specialist

About Paola (Paula) D’Adamo

Paola (Paula) D’Adamo, has been working in the Hair Industry for 35 years.

Paola is skilled in all aspects of hair regrowth and non-surgical replacement procedures. From regrowing lost or thinning hair, full hair integration systems through to thickening and lengthening through hair extensions, she can help clients with a wide variety of hair needs.

Here are some thoughts from Paola…

“Hair loss can be a sensitive subject. Clients often attend their appointments not feeling good within themselves or are low in confidence, but these are the type of clients I love working with the most.  I believe every hair and scalp problem has an amazing solution. What I love about my industry is knowing I’m changing people’s lives and knowing I’m the one bringing that smile to their faces.”

Keeping up to date with new technology and techniques is what brings Paola’s experience to the forefront of the hair loss industry, and what also keeps her passionate about what she does.

Paola specialises in…

  • Hair-loss
  • Wigs (cancer)
  • Wigs due to hair loss that is unable to be regrown
  • Extension specialising
  • Tape Extension
  • Bead Extension
  • Fast Track Extension
  • Weave Extension
  • Remy Hair
  • Russian Hair

So if you or someone you love is looking for a personalised hair loss solution, simply give IHLS Australia a call on 1300 557 224 or email us at