Helpful summer tips Mens Hair Pieces

Helpful Summer Tips on Men’s Hair Pieces

Posted by IHLS

Helpful Summer tips Men’s Hair Pieces

  • Does your scalp itch?
  • Do you have a bad smell coming from your piece?
  • Do you feel like your head can’t breathe?

With the heat of summer upon us, we naturally start to sweat more. This can lead to uncomfortable scalp conditions and all sorts of complications e.g.: inflamed and itchy scalp when the base of your hair piece is ordered incorrectly.

A French or Swiss base are the best for summer months where swimming and socialising in the sun are on your list of priorities. These lace bases allow the heat and water to pass through whilst still being durable and most importantly undetectable to the eye.

Something to think about when ordering your new customized hair piece.

At IHLS Australia we cannot only better the design of your existing hair piece in most cases we are cheaper compared to the local market.100% human hair, 100% custom made to order.

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