Scalp Rejuvenate


Scalp stimulator and cleanser.



Scalp stimulator and cleanser.

Helps combat scalp disorders that can lead to dandruff, scalp irritation, itching, hair loss and Seborrhea. Acts as a scalp cleanser and rejuvenator, refreshes the scalp and removes scalp buildup. dBest Scalp Rejuvenate helps maintain correct pH of skin and hair. dBest Scalp Rejuvenate can penetrate the hair shaft and root. Thickening it by up to 10% while repairing damaged hair making it more manageable.


  • Shampoo hair, rinse and squeeze out excess moisture.
  • Tilt head back.
  • Saturate scalp with dBest Scalp Rejuvenate and massage gently. Leave on hair for 3 minutes then rinse.
  • Condition rinse and gently towel dry.
  • For results apply twice per week.
  • For additional hair care instructions SEE your hair care professional.

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