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Women do you Want Thicker, Longer hair?

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Women do you want thicker, longer hair?

Is hair loss or thinning hair effecting you emotionally?

As women we are stereotypically put into the category of having an abundance of hair that grows with out the need to nurture or take care of it. Women should be able to have any style they wish, but unfortunately this is not the case when we are dealing with thinning hair or worse still, hair loss.

60% of women within their life span will have to deal with hair loss or thinning hair.

There are many reasons why this can happen and to get a correct diagnosis a visit to a Hair Loss Specialist is needed to get you and your hair on the path to the hair you dreamed of having.

Here at IHLS AU we specialise in all women’s hair loss concerns and together, we can get you and your hair in a place to where you are feeling more confident and happier.

Please call and book with one of our specialist consultants for a free hair and scalp analysis on 1300 557 224

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